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Australians love to travel. We travel the furthest and for the longest.

There are many reasons for travelling; fun, adventure, business, love. No matter what reason we have, that feeling of freedom, excitement, heightened senses, and getting the chance to be someone else for a short time, is amazing! When in a new place, an intoxicating island paradise or a cultures metropolis, we can become uninhibited, let our hair down and go with the flow.
We often do things we wouldn't necessarily do at home. We might make friends with everyone around us. We might drink more or use substances we wouldn't normally use. We might take risks in search of new experiences. We might have more sex, maybe with a fellow traveller, a local, or a sex worker. 

In recent years, the number of Australians who have acquired HIV and STI's whilst travelling or living overseas has risen. This is largely a result of travellers engaging in
unsafe sex practices. In parts of Asia and Africa, HIV and STI prevalence rates are higher amongst the general population than in Australia, and often even higher amongst sex workers. In Australia, condom use in the sex industry is almost universal and testing is common. Unfortunately, in some countries, sex workers often do not use condoms on a regular basis, and testing for HIV and STI's is uncommon. Having sex with anyone in these countries means an increased risk of infection. 

We are a travel advice website, focusing on one area in particular - sex ... in other cities. Sure, we have the other stuff too, like basic tips on how to get there and what to look out for, but we also want you to be informed and provided for when it comes to sex. Maybe a country you are visiting finds condoms immoral or their sizing and quality isn't the same as in Australia. Maybe you want to get tested or need treatment while you are travelling. Maybe the city you want to go to has a high rate of HIV. Maybe sex work is illegal. We want you to have all of that information in one spot, so that you can keep your health safe.