Sexy couple sex in other citiesAustralians love to travel. We travel the furthest and for the longest. Some of us love to discover new places and explore while others find their own stretch of paradise and keep coming back. Sex in Other Cities is about finding the best places in the world and sharing tips and resources you get the most out of your travels.

There are many reasons for travelling; fun, adventure, business, love. No matter what reason we have that feeling of freedom, excitement, heightened senses, and getting the chance to be someone else for a short time.

When in a new place, an intoxicating island paradise or a cultures metropolis, we can become uninhibited, let our hair down and go with the flow. We often do things we would not necessarily do at home. We might make friends with everyone around us. We might drink more or use substances we wouldn't normally use work. We might take new risks in search of new experiences. We might have more sex, maybe with a fellow traveller, a local, or a sex worker. 

In recent years the number of Australians who have acquired HIV and other sexually transmitted infections whilst travelling or living overseas has risen. This is a largely a result of travellers engaging in unsafe sex practices. In parts of Asia and Africa HIV and STI prevalence rates are higher amongst the general population than in Australia, and often even higher amongst sex workers. In many countries, including Australia, condom use in the sex industry is almost universal and testing is common. Unfortunately in some countries sex workers often do not use condoms on a regular basis and testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections is also often not common. Having sex with people, sex worker or not, in these countries means an increased risk of infection. 

Sex in Other Cities is a travel advice website but we aren't your everyday travel advice kind of website. We focus on one area of travel: other cities. Sure we have the other stuff, basic tips on how to get there and what to look out for, but we also want you to be informed and provided for when it comes to sex. Maybe a country you are visiting finds condoms immoral or their sizing and quality isn't the same as in Australia. Maybe you want to get tested or need treatment while you are travelling. Maybe the city you want to see has a high rate of HIV. Maybe sex work is illegal. We want you to have all of that information in one spot so that you can keep yourself and your health safe. 

Thank you to the Western Australian AIDS Council and the Department of Health, Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus Program for their assistance in the development of this website.

Want to know more ?

Sex on holiday happens. Whether planned or not, away from home we lose at least some of inhibitions and may take more risks than we would at home. This is ok, it’s what makes travelling so exciting – and just accepting it before we go is the first step to planning.
To help you get home with no more than a bruised bank account and awesome memories, here are some useful tips:

  • Carry condoms. Pack condoms before you leave home. Condoms aren’t always readily available or good quality so grab some before you leave and carry a supply in your handbag or wallet. Holidays and a sense of freedom doesn’t make you less susceptible to STIs so take care every time you have sex.
  • Have an STI test before you go and after you get back. Click here for testing locations.
  • Sex workers in other countries are not always in a safe environment or hold the same standards of safer sex and STI testing as they do in Australia. Use condoms and insist on using them.
  • Holidays can encourage us to try drugs and drink more alcohol than we might at home. Your body is still your body, regardless of where you are – know your limits and keep to them. Drugs and alcohol can impair our ability to keep our wits about us and recognise dangers – in a foreign place this becomes even more important.