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Full Moon Party

You'll never look at a sand bucket the same!

Full Moon Party

[ When ]Each full moon

[ City ]Koh Phangan, Thailand

[ Good For ]Party people, sleep avoiders

[ Weather ]Summer, the best months are December to February

[ Crowd ]10,000- 30,000

[ Cost ]$$ The parties are free, but accommodation close by can be pricey

[ Sex Work ]

Tolerated and partly regulated

[ Sexy Score ]    

Each month, as the full moon rises, 10,000-30,000 party people gather on Thongsala Pier, where more than ten arenas and bars are setup. These include the infamous Reggae House, Drop in Bar and Paradise Bungalows. The beach soon explodes with dancers, jugglers and fire eaters. Choose to eat from many food places, swim in the warm surf, dance your heart away or chill back and take in the fireworks. With so many options, this is one massive party not to be missed!

Getting There

Getting to Thailand is cheep cheep! There are loads of airlines flying direct and ridiculous specials come up all the time. Sign up to email alerts and bag yourself a bargain.

Where to Stay

Staying in the accommodation along the party beaches is the best option. That way, you can role straight into bed after a big night. Accommodation and party package deals range from 3990 THB (133 AUD). Click this link for hot deals.

Sexy Score

Thailand is near the top of the list of the World’s sexiest places. The full moon parties are said to be inhibition-free zones. Combine that with the beach party scene and it’s the ultimate sex-cocktail.

At the Festival

Remember the beach parties from American movies? Well multiply that by ten, add in fire and fireworks and you'll get some idea of how wild these things can be!

Sex in other Cities Tipsheet
  • Be mindful of monsoon season, with rainfall peaking in October and November. Avoid these times if you can.
  • Remember to hydrate. It’s hot and you don’t want to miss out on the fun because you got heat stroke.
  • Buy your grog away from the main party beach. It will be much cheaper.
  • Taking drugs is illegal in Thailand and drug takers and treated almost the same as drug dealers. If you’re found popping pills, there is a risk of ending up in a very dodgy Thai prison. There is also the risk of having to pay a heavy bribe to local police.
  • Avoid the burning jump rope. You might think the idea of skipping with a fire rope might attract the ladies, but there's nothing sexy about third degree burns to your lower regions.
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What could go wrong

Broken glass on the beach is guaranteed, but you can avoid the risk of injury by keeping your shoes on. Theft is also rife during Full Moon Parties. Be sure to only take as much cash as you need for the night - another reason for staying close by; you won't get stuck miles from your digs. STI’s, including HIV are highly common in Thailand. Combine high prevalence with the party scene, and you’ve got a good chance of picking something up if you don’t use protection.

Where to get help

Travel insurance is highly recommended, even if you call yourself young and healthy! You wont find first aid stations at the event but here are the details to the closest medical centre:

First Western Medical Centre Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand Phone +66 77 375 221

Or if you’re heading home via Bangkok, this clinic is inexpensive with English speaking staff: 
Thai Travel Clinic (02) 8599 2269 ext: 67084420/6 Rajvithi Rd, Rajthewi, Bangkok

Want to know more?

Sex on holiday happens.

Whether planned or not, away from home we lose at least some of our inhibitions
and may take more risks than we would at home. 

This is ok, it’s what makes travelling so exciting.
Accepting this before we go is the first step to planning.

To help you get home with no more than a bruised bank account
and awesome memories, here are some useful tips:

  • Carry condoms. Pack condoms before you leave home. Condoms aren’t always readily available or good quality so grab some before you leave and carry a supply in your handbag or wallet. Holidays and a sense of freedom doesn’t make you less susceptible to STIs so take care every time you have sex.
  • Have an STI test before you go and after you get back. Click here for testing locations.
  • Sex workers in other countries are not always in a safe environment or hold the same standards of safer sex and STI testing as they do in Australia. Use condoms and insist on using them.
  • Holidays can encourage us to try drugs and drink more alcohol than we might at home. Your body is still your body, regardless of where you are – know your limits and keep to them. Drugs and alcohol can impair our ability to keep our wits about us and recognise dangers – in a foreign place this becomes even more important. 

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  • Comment Link anonymous Tuesday, 05 August 2014 05:23 posted by anonymous

    yeah.. but i wouldn't trust anyone that goes there. sound like my mum but i would def take condoms!

  • Comment Link anonymous Tuesday, 05 August 2014 05:22 posted by anonymous

    i luv full moon parties! so much better than anything in perth!

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