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Fun Fact: Spain's national anthem has no words


[ When ]All year round

[ City ]Spain

[ Good For ]Party and beach lovers as well as those wanting a more cultural holiday. Spain has something for just about everyone!

[ Weather ]Hot sunny summers and cold, even snowy, winters

[ Crowd ]47 million

[ Cost ]$$

[ Sex Work ]

Sex work is legal in Spain, however pimping and several activities linked to it are illegal

[ Sexy Score ]   

Spain is usually known for its sunny beaches, rich culture and party lifestyle, but new to the scene is the sex tourism industry. Having been made legal, prostitution has made Spain one of the top sex tourism destinations in Europe. The culture of sex and the allure of the red light district are strong in a number of the countries biggest cities, with Madrid's red light district being interlinked with regular streets and Barcelona's being a major tourist attraction in itself.

Getting There

Flying is the best option for getting to Spain. International flights can be expensive so jump on cheap flights during the sales when you can! If Spain isn't the first stop on your European agenda, good news - flights from other European countries are cheap and quick. The train services in Europe are also great, so if you're coming from somewhere close check out some of the scenic train routes you can take.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Spain ranges from cheap and cheerful hostels and home stay's to ritzy five star hotels, so you're never short of choice regardless of your budget. If you're heading into the major cities like Madrid, Barcelona or San Sebastian remember to book early, especially in the summer season, as the cities fill up with other tourists and hotels can book out quick! If you are travelling to Spain with a visit to the red light district in mind, try booking a hotel close to the district to avoid expensive late night taxi's back to your hotel.

Sexy Score

A country characterised by passion, it's no surprise that Spain has become one of the sex capitals of Europe. The combination of late night clubbing, bikini's on the beach and the excitement of the Red Light District are sure to lead to some late night debauchery!

Sex in other Cities Tipsheet
  • Major cities, especially Barcelona, are well known for petty crime and pickpockets. Don't carry all your valuables around with you, just take the essentials and always know where you bag is. Slinging your bag across your body or wearing your backpack on your front in busy areas are good ways of avoiding bag snatching and pickpockets.
  • Pack Sunscreen! If you're heading to Spain in the summer months remember to pack your sunscreen and a hat. The sun is strong in Spain and summer temperatures can reach well into the 40's.
  • Remember some comfy shoes. Spain has so much to offer and the cities are great for walking. Comfy shoes will help you get around easily and avoid painful blisters.
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What could go wrong

90% of prostitutes in Spain are illegal immigrants. South American sex workers are now more common that Spanish ones and they represent a greater majority of the sex worker population. Some of these women are sex slaves brought over with the promise of a new life, so be careful when choosing which establishment to visit. We highly recommend double and triple checking that whomever you are engaging with is there by choice. 

Be aware that when you are in a red light district, especially at night, that there are a few risks involved, so keep an eye on what is happening around you and make sure you know where your valuables are at all times.

Where to get help

There are easily accessible sexual health clinics in the major cities of Spain.

Madrid Health Centre offers STI testing to overseas patients at affordable prices
Calle Oña 10, Madrid, 28050
(02) 8599 2269 ext.: 73559

Open House is an English speaking clinic with bases in Madrid and Barcelona. They offer a variety of STI tests as well as testing for HIV.

Calle de Atocha, 117, Madrid
Phone: 914 29 49 59
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Carrer Sicília, 253, Barcelona
Phone: 9345 87700
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want to know more?

Sex on holiday happens.

Whether planned or not, away from home we lose at least some of our inhibitions
and may take more risks than we would at home. 

This is ok, it’s what makes travelling so exciting.
Accepting this before we go is the first step to planning.

To help you get home with no more than a bruised bank account
and awesome memories, here are some useful tips:

  • Carry condoms. Pack condoms before you leave home. Condoms aren’t always readily available or good quality so grab some before you leave and carry a supply in your handbag or wallet. Holidays and a sense of freedom doesn’t make you less susceptible to STIs so take care every time you have sex.
  • Have an STI test before you go and after you get back. Click here for testing locations.
  • Sex workers in other countries are not always in a safe environment or hold the same standards of safer sex and STI testing as they do in Australia. Use condoms and insist on using them.
  • Holidays can encourage us to try drugs and drink more alcohol than we might at home. Your body is still your body, regardless of where you are – know your limits and keep to them. Drugs and alcohol can impair our ability to keep our wits about us and recognise dangers – in a foreign place this becomes even more important. 

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